How Does Esthetic Dentistry In North York Work For You?

There is no question about it; everyone wants a smile that shows they have taken care of themselves. If you can relate to this, esthetic dentistry may be for you. In North York, you will discover a practice that offers you just what you’re looking for. 

What is esthetic dentistry?

The term esthetic dentistry focuses on improving the cosmetic appearance of a person’s teeth. It is not a set procedure or technique but a way for dentists and dentists to work together to achieve a desired outcome.

How does esthetic dentistry work?

There are two main types of dental esthetics, cosmetic and restorative.

Cosmetic esthetics

Cosmetic esthetics are designed to improve the appearance of teeth. It can include anything from whitening the teeth to straightening them.

Restorative esthetics

Restorative esthetics are designed to improve the function of the teeth. It can involve anything from repairing broken teeth to replacing missing teeth.

Both types of esthetic dentistry are helpful to repair damaged teeth, protect teeth against decay, and strengthen teeth.

What procedures are used in esthetic dentistry?

Both types of esthetic dentistry use various methods and procedures.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a very common dental procedure. It can be done either by using dental strips on the teeth or by applying gel to the surface of the teeth. The patient may leave the gel for a certain amount of time, or if the dentist did it, they might remove it in a few minutes.

Whitening can have surprising results. Many people believe that teeth whiten because of bleach, but bleach only stays at the surface. The whitening agent is safe for the gums; however, it can cause mild sensitivity.

Teeth Straightening

Teeth straightening is another common dental procedure. One of its methods is using braces, commonly used in children. Adults are usually reluctant to wear braces for various reasons, including appearance. Braces can cause mild discomfort and some teeth to move slightly. However, it has been proven to be an effective solution to teeth misalignment.

Teeth Aligners

Teeth aligners are an alternative to braces. They are invisible because of their special plastic material. This means that the patient doesn’t have to worry about the bulky appearance of metal. 

So, if you don’t want the visible signs of braces, your dentist might recommend this. 

Dental bridges

Dental bridges are a method of replacing missing or tooth loss. Dental bridges are common when there has been significant damage to the teeth. The damage is often caused by wear and tear or through attrition. A bridge is the best solution.

A bridge is a thin layer of porcelain attached to other porcelain pieces. The porcelain pieces are then attached to teeth which hold a space for the porcelain bridge.

Dental bridges are permanent and may last longer with proper care through regular dental checkups.

Dental implants

Dental implants are artificial roots that are surgically placed in the mouth. They are the most expensive dental esthetics and provide the most natural-looking results.

Tooth implants are commonly used to replace missing teeth and are permanent that can last for many years, even a lifetime.

Consultation for getting esthetic dental procedures

Cosmetic esthetics has no effect on the health of the teeth. Relieving the cosmetic appearance of teeth is not its purpose. The main reason for carrying out dental cosmetics is to improve the appearance of the teeth. However, you can achieve a beautiful and healthy smile combined with restorative dentistry. Call your North York dentist to talk more about this dental option.

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