Family Dentistry Services And Treatments For Everyone

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Family dentistry is not new; however, you might just have heard of it. To give you an idea, dentistry has plenty of branches that focus on specific dental issues. 

While this is the case, family dentists can cater to multiple dental problems and do not specialize in one. Furthermore, family dentists do not only treat adult patients, but they also work suitably with kids. 

These are just a few of the many advantages when you have a family dentist. This means that you can have one dentist for you, your kids, and even your senior members. You don’t have to visit different clinics every dental appointment. 

Family dentists are also very keen and proactive to all of your oral health. They will always make sure to check your mouth and teeth for possible issues and prevent them at their onset. The best thing is that aside from their training, family dentists are innately compassionate towards young patients who need special care and attention.


7 top family dentistry services


Family dentistry offers to treat almost all dental problems with the following services:

1. Regular checkups and cleaning

Regular dental checkups play a vital role in maintaining your oral health, especially in children. The process includes a dental cleaning and exam. Usually, dentists would require their patients to visit the clinic every six months to monitor their smile’s health. During these visits, expect your dentist to check every part of your mouth, including teeth, cheek, tongue, and gums. 

2. Dental sealants and fluoride treatments

Family dentists are mostly focused on preventive dentistry. With that being said, they offer services that can help protect the teeth from cavities. Especially in kids, their teeth will need safe and strong shields from all kinds of food that they eat. Dental sealants and fluoride treatments are comfortable and practical solutions to tooth decay pain.

3. Orthodontics

Like general dentists and pediatric dentists, family dentists can also help you correct misaligned bites. Braces have been an effective treatment for patients with crooked teeth. Today, Invisalign or the clear aligners are becoming an alternative to the metal braces. Invisible aligners offer the same effectiveness but less visible and more comfortable.  

4. Periodontal treatment

Being too lax on your oral hygiene can lead to you getting periodontal or gum disease. Bacteria lingers in your mouth if you are not brushing your teeth properly or neglecting floss and rinse. Especially when plaque starts to build up, soft tissues like your gums are an easy target. Your family dentist can perform a thorough cleaning to reverse this problem. 

5. Root canal therapy

Most causes of throbbing tooth pain are due to an infected tooth root. Family dentistry can also treat it with root canal treatment. With advanced technology, root canal procedure is quicker, more comfortable, and has minimal recovery time. 

6. Dental restoration

You no longer have to worry about hiding your smile away. There are several solutions for missing teeth now, like in cosmetic dentistry. These include implants, tooth crown, bridges, and dentures. You need a trusted family dentist like your North York dentist to ensure that your new smiles suit you.  

7. Emergency dental care

Sometimes, you will not see accidents coming like a chipped tooth while eating or a bleeding cheek from a flying ball. It’s always best to keep ahold of your family dentist’s contact number in these cases. They will make sure that you will receive immediate dental care once you call them. 


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