Cost Of Tooth Extraction In North York: Is It Worth It?

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You might not look forward to your tooth extraction in North York, but you know it’s necessary. Your dentist doesn’t casually recommend removing your tooth. They would try to save it as much as possible, even if most of it is gone or rotten. So, if you need tooth removal, there is a more significant reason than just its appearance. 

Why tooth extraction in North York is necessary

A dental extraction is a surgical procedure involving an incision to the tissues to access the tooth. Depending on the patient’s case, it may be a minor surgery or a major one. However, when does this treatment become necessary? 


If you have the following, your North York family dentist might suggest you undergo tooth extraction:


  • You have a wisdom tooth that is impacted 

  • Your tooth has severe decay and risks the other teeth of the spread of infection 

  • You have overcrowding teeth, causing misalignment and speech impediment, among other issues

  • When you met an accident and had a severe trauma on the face and mouth

What to expect during the procedure?

One of the reasons why patients have anxiety over tooth extraction is that they have no clue what happens during the treatment. Educating yourself about the topic will help clear up your worries about tooth removal. 


So, if you’re scheduled for this procedure, here are the things that you can expect:

1. Preparation

Before anything else, your dentist will need to know your medical and dental history. During this step, make sure that you provide every detail they need. Especially if you are taking prescriptions or maintenance medications, your dentist must know this. It is essential to avoid complications with your dental treatment.


Afterwards, the assistant will take your dental X-ray to better understand your teeth and jaw. This step also determines which tooth needs to undergo extraction and its condition. When they have this information, it’s time to proceed to the treatment.

2. Extraction

The type of surgery you will get depends on the case of your affected tooth. You may need one of these methods:

  • Simple tooth extraction

If your bad tooth is visible, easily accessible, and not obstructed, you will only need a simple surgery for this one. Your dentist will use dental forceps and clasp the tooth before pulling it out entirely.

  • Surgical tooth extraction

If the affected tooth is severely damaged above the gum line or stuck in the gums and jawbone, you will need a surgical extraction. Your dentist must create an incision on the gums to bare the impacted tooth. It’s easier to remove once they get a better hold of the tooth. 

Tooth extraction cost

How much will a tooth extraction cost? 


Generally, tooth extractions vary in price tags. That’s because there are plenty of factors that could affect the cost of your dental treatments. If you need to know the exact amount to spend on tooth removal, you may consult your dentist beforehand. 


To give you an idea, here are the elements affecting the cost of extraction:

1. Procedures involved

Simple and surgical extractions may be similar, but their complexity levels differ. A simple extraction may be less expensive than the one that needs major surgery. Aside from that, some patients may require other procedures before or after treatment.


Consulting your dentist should be your primary step in setting your expectations.

2. Dental practice’s location

If your dentist’s office is conveniently located in an affluent area or at the heart of the city, expect it to be more expensive. Most of these offices rent these spaces, so it will also reflect on your dental bills.


Before you consider going to the more affordable practices, consider comparing the quality of their services first. If cheap cost means shoddy work, it is not worth it. 


You can always talk to your dentist about flexible payment terms or dental insurance coverage. 

3. Dentist’s expertise and experience

Dentists that are more experienced in their field may charge higher fees only because they guarantee the best quality and satisfying services. These dentists have also gained updated training for modern dental techniques and technology, offering patients more ideal dental solutions. 


Although this is true, you might consider what your friends or family say. People will always recommend good deals. Source the crowd and ask away where to find the right dentist for you and your family.

Book an appointment today

Tooth extraction is a necessary dental procedure to keep one’s oral health. Some may be hesitant to go through the treatment due to anxiety over discomfort and bills.


Fortunately, modern technology offers painless procedures. Also, now you can take advantage of flexible payment schemes and promos. All you need to do is talk to your North York dentist to assist you regarding your concerns. Call us today to book your next dental appointment!

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