Teeth Whitening For Removal of Stains From Beverages

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Having tooth discoloration often makes you lose your confidence each time you smile. Do you know some of your favourite drinks may be leaving yellow or brown spots on teeth? Know the beverages that you need to avoid after a teeth whitening session with your dentist.

What drinks stain your teeth?

It is not only what you eat that can leave stains on your tooth crown and surface. You need to be mindful of what you drink to ensure that you can maintain healthy and white teeth.

Acids and tannins are the main culprits in making your teeth less white than they should be. Limit your intake of the following drinks, as they can stain your natural teeth or dental veneers.


You may have wondered why your teeth are getting yellow from drinking your morning coffee daily. Coffee contains tannins that can leave colour compounds on your teeth and possibly on your veneer teeth. 


Soda contains phosphoric acid that can erode your teeth enamel. Eroded tooth enamel is more prone to staining, as the artificial food dyes leave yellow or brown stains on teeth.

Fruit juices

Like soda, many fruit juices are highly acidic, and acidity levels of 2 to 3 pH can trigger sensitivity. As a result, your enamel weakens and gets stained quickly.


Like coffee, wine has tannins that can darken your teeth over time. Moreover, the alcohol content of wines and most liquors are highly acidic. The acids remain on your teeth, and they will cause further staining because of teeth erosion.

Energy drinks

The sugars in energy drinks can expose your enamel to bacteria. You can quickly get tooth decay if you let the sugar stay on your teeth for long.

Teeth whitening session at the dental office

A professional
teeth whitening session with your dentist is a better investment than a do-it-yourself teeth whitening kit. You can use the DIY kits at home, but you need to repeat the procedure to achieve the desired results.

Some brands claim that their whitening strips and trays are the best teeth whitening products available. However, they may not work as effectively as professional whitening you undergo at the dental office. Having your teeth looked after by your dentist is the best teeth whitening care you can have.

Your teeth can get whiter in a short period because of the potent formulation of bleaching solution. Heat or light can be used on their own or even together to speed up the process and bring better results. 

The number of visits you may need will depend on the results you want to achieve. Having teeth that are shades lighter will require longer hours or multiple visits.

You may be surprised at seeing your teeth getting three or even eight shades brighter after a few visits. Your dentist may also require you to visit twice and complete the whitening procedure on the second visit. 

Visit your North York dental clinic to discuss professional teeth whitening options to keep teeth stains at bay.


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