North York’s Very Own: Leslie Smile solutions for Summer Smiles

There’s just something about that summer sunshine that gets people smiling. No one understands that better than our team here at Leslie Smile Solutions! With the weather getting better and those summer cabin plans, it’s easy to forget some of the basics when it comes to oral care. That’s why we’ve got some tips and tricks from our Leslie Smile Solutions family to yours! After all, at the end of the day, we would rather you enjoy a lovely visit to the beach than to the dentist.

Tried and true

First things first, don’t let your dental routine slip, it’s easy to let little things like flossing slip through the cracks after a long day of fun in the sun. Unfortunately, those little slips can lead to much bigger problems. Our first tip may sound like we’re nagging, but it’s imperative to keep up with a routine. Including things like brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing first! Our general dental check-ups include thorough consultations and proper cleaning, so a quick stop before a trip or even at the start of the summer will do your smile wonders! We’ll make sure your gums and teeth are healthy so you can put your best smile forward this summer.

Trips to the pool, not the dentist

Our second tip is to be careful in swimming pools! Most people are usually too worried about sunburn on pool days to concern themselves with anything else, but chlorine can actually pose a problem for teeth. Chlorine can damage teeth and cause staining, it has a higher pH than saliva, and can cause proteins in the saliva to break down faster and produce organic deposits on your teeth. For the most part, fluoride-based toothpaste can help prevent build-up, but for those of you who plan on spending all day in the pool, it might be a good idea to pop into our clinic to talk about the best way to protect your teeth!

Stay hydrated for more reasons than one

It’s important to stay hydrated for a number of reasons, and with the summer heat, it’s important to consume as many liquids as possible. Water helps balance out the pH in your mouth, it also helps wash away any food remains— from popsicles to roasted marshmallows — preventing bacterial build-up.

The summer sun is for staying warm and having fun with bright and beautiful smiles. No one understands that better than the team here at Leslie Smile Solutions, your one-stop North York shop for everything dentistry.

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