Reduce Your Anxiety Over Dental Cleaning In North York

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Dental cleaning in North York can sometimes make you worry, especially if it is your first time. You might think that dental plaque removal causes discomfort. However, this procedure is quick and simple and won’t cause any distress. There are various techniques to help you prepare before your appointment to help you ease up. 

What happens during a dental cleaning procedure?

Dental cleaning is an essential step in maintaining your oral health. Many of its benefits include: 

  • Prevention of cavity buildup and tooth decay 
  • Removal of hard to get plaque or tartar
  • Cleaning your teeth prevents gum diseases like gingivitis
  • Making your teeth appear brighter and more beautiful
  • Eliminating bad breath
  • Boosting your overall health
  • Improving your self-confidence

Generally, this procedure helps you achieve a better version of yourself, which gives you a better quality of life. 

Your registered dental hygienist does the following steps for your teeth cleaning session:

  1. Assessment and examination of your mouth
  2. Tartar removal using an automatic scaling tool.
  3. Teeth brushing using unique toothpaste.
  4. Flossing your teeth thoroughly and then rinsing your mouth.
  5. Fluoride gel application to help remineralize your enamel.

Depending on your teeth condition and issues, it may be necessary to perform other dental treatments aside from cleaning them. Moreover, this procedure lasts about 30 minutes up to an hour. 

Reduce your anxiety before a dental visit

It is normal if you feel anxious about your upcoming dental appointment. However, it is great that you are taking the necessary action to your teeth and gum issues. 

Here are some home tips to prevent you from being jittery during your dental cleaning session:

Research about the treatment.

Some patients get uneasy as they don’t know what happens during the routine dentist visit. That’s why you need to research and learn about the procedure to avoid worrying. There are plenty of reliable articles on the web that you can read on what to expect for your dental appointment. For kids, watching dental videos with happy and relaxed children in them can relieve their concerns.

Avoid rush hours.

Rush hours typically happen in the mornings and late afternoons. During this time, clinics tend to get busy as patient appointments are usually booked at this time. For an anxious person, some bustle may not help. Mid-day can be ideal as this is the only time when most adults are at work and children are already at school. Or better yet, you may call your dentist to ask when is a perfect time for you to visit. 

Take a painkiller before your treatment.

Unknown to many, taking ibuprofen before your routine dental visit helps prevent discomfort during the procedure. Although professional teeth cleaning is a pain-free treatment, you may still feel minor discomfort. Especially if you have teeth sensitivity, ibuprofen can eliminate the ache. It is as safe as taking the medication hours after the treatment for faster recovery. 

Avoid overbrushing.

Your uneasiness could lead you to overthink. You’re not doing your hygienist a favour if you overdo your teeth cleaning beforehand. Brushing too hard causes more problems as it can irritate your gums. Irritated gums may bleed or cause pain. So, only do your usual oral hygiene before you come to the clinic. 

Skip your morning caffeine.

Most of you need coffee in the morning for the energy it gives you to jumpstart your day. However, you won’t need that hyped-up feeling when going to the dentist. It might only intensify your anxiety. Maybe skip your caffeine for now and opt for water just for this time. Drinking water is known to reduce anxiety as it has natural calming properties. Some patients also recommend drinking sugar water since sweets can decrease your body’s stress response. 

Arrive earlier than your schedule. 

There are plenty of advantages to showing up early for an appointment. You avoid rushing, which only makes a person agitated and stressed. As you arrive at the office, you will have time to fill in some necessary paperwork. Finally, you will have enough time to relax and prepare yourself before the treatment. Some dental practices have great lounge areas that you can enjoy as you wait for your dentist. 


For some, going to the dentist is going out of their way just to help themselves become better –and that’s extraordinary. Fortunately, your North York dentist is the perfect person to guide you through achieving healthier teeth and mouth. 

Our practice has a compassionate team of professionals that will cater to your needs with friendly smiles once you step in. We also offer our modern facility and techniques to ensure your visit will be as satisfying as possible.

Call us to schedule your next dental appointment if you’re ready to see your healthy and improved smiles.  

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