Is Brushing Okay Before Dental Cleaning In North York?

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Some patients can be anxious for an appointment, especially for a dental cleaning in North York. You want everything to go smoothly and avoid any complications. Might you intend to give your dental hygienist an easy job by cleaning your teeth and mouth thoroughly before the visit? But is this ideal? 

There are various ways you can prepare yourself before your routine dental checkup and cleaning.

Before your dental cleaning in North York

Some patients find a dental cleaning procedure a simple treatment, and there’s no need to do extra preparation beforehand. However, for some of you that are nervous about dental treatments, being ready can help. Here are some tips you should consider before your dentist visit. 

Do your usual oral hygiene.

These are just some of the few things that might come into one’s head when scheduled for teeth cleaning: 

  • Brushing isn’t necessary as the dentist will do it in a while anyway.
  • Brushing becomes essential as the dentist might scold you for coming in with dirty teeth and stinky breath! 

None of the above would get you into trouble. Your dentist will help you achieve healthy teeth either way. Even if you are heading to your dentist’s, you should always practice good oral hygiene. 

Brush your teeth as you usually would and rinse your mouth after. Flossing once a day also helps keep food debris from lingering between your teeth and causing tooth decay. Nevertheless, don’t exert much effort to conceal the problems in your mouth, or your dentist will miss in diagnosing them.

Do educate yourself

Being unaware worsens anxiety. One of the best ways to prep yourself before your dental procedure is to educate yourself. Pull up some dental articles about teeth cleaning and learn how it works and why it is good for you. Make sure to only trust reliable sites on the web, or you might get misinformed. 

Some websites have chatbots at the bottom of the page with licensed dental professionals ready to answer your queries live. 

For kids, a dental cleaning could be a scary thing. You may search for friendly dental videos that feature kids and show them to your children. Seeing kids at the dentist’s chair relaxed and happy will relieve their concerns.

Do relaxation techniques

If you’re anxious, you easily overthink what might go wrong during the teeth cleaning treatment. Although your dentist assures you that it is a quick and straightforward procedure, some other things still worry you –like the dental tools! 

These won’t help so you should try to relax, especially the night before your appointment. Doing meditation, self-care routines, or listening to music can soothe your senses and reduce your anxiety. Guarantee that you will be ready for the visit in the morning after doing these. 

Don’t eat heavy meals 

Eating lots of food before your appointment can make you full, and it only triggers nausea. In the same way, it might also heighten your anxiety. If you are starving, consider only taking high-protein foods like eggs and meat, so you’re already full by eating small portions. 

High-protein snacks or bars are also recommended. If you want, yogurt and shake will do, too. 

Fasting before a dental appointment is alright, as some dentists advise it, especially when the procedure involves anesthetics. For a teeth cleaning process, anesthesia is usually not needed, so fasting isn’t necessary. 

Don’t smoke and drink

If you associate smoking as a stress reliever, you might not loosen up if it complicates your dental treatments. Smoking is also a major cause of bad breath, tooth discolouration, gum disease, tooth loss, and oral cancer.  

Some patients might also drink alcohol to drown their anxieties before seeing their dentist. However, it also complicates some medications that your dentist might apply. 

One safe and effective way to reduce your anxiety is asking your dental professional if sedation dentistry is advisable. 

Don’t wear makeup

The area around your mouth will get messy as your dental hygienist brushes your teeth and rinses your mouth. Any lipstick on will smudge all over, and some of the makeup foundation applied will be washed away. 

If you have a social gathering after your dental appointment, you should do your makeup after the treatment. The office will have a restroom that you can use to freshen up before you leave for your next destination. 

The takeaway

Dental appointments can be a fun and satisfying experience. You can do plenty of ways to prepare yourself and calm down to ensure you get the best out of your visit. You can also call your North York dentist beforehand to learn some great tips in making your visit as safe and worthwhile as possible. 

If it concerns you, you may also ask your dentist the cost of such a procedure so you can notify your dental insurance as well. Book an appointment today!

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