Remember to Floss

“Remember to floss” is probably the universal slogan of dentists everywhere. We here at Leslie Smile Solutions in North York totally agree. People usually floss to get their dentists off their backs, but have you ever wondered why flossing is important? After reading this, hopefully you guys will change your tune about flossing, and you might even adapt our slogan: Remember to floss!

First off all, why floss? Your teeth have 5 surfaces that are exposed to the air. When you brush, the bristles of your toothbrush don’t have any problems reaching the front, back and top surfaces of your teeth, but the sides are a different story. The only way to get the bacteria and plaque out of those crevices is to floss. Without flossing you run the risk of a number of oral diseases.

Plaque build up, cavities, and gum disease are just a few example of what can happen when you don’t floss. Plaque can form in your mouth when bacteria mix with sugars around your teeth and near your gum line. Excessive plaque build up also leads to the formation of tartar. Typically brushing your teeth and flossing work to counteract plaque, but only dental practitioners can remove tartar.While brushing is fairly effective, it’s floss that really reaches those crevices in your mouth. Plaque build up can also lead to tooth decay and cavities, as a direct result of not flossing, not to mention gum disease and the number of other health problems.

We here at Leslie Smile Solutions know the seriousness of not flossing, and want to help! As your local North York dental clinic we’re here to give advice. So many people skip flossing but what they don’t realize is that they are completely missing the sides of their teeth. Smile solutions is your one stop shop to prevent those oral faux pas. We’ll give you valuable advice like reminding you to floss before you brush, and to make sure that you floss at least once a day. Come pay us a visit and ask any of our staff for flossing tips to put your best smile forward. After all we’ve got all the solutions for your smile problems here at Leslie Smile Solutions. Until then REMEMBER TO FLOSS!

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