Esthetic Dentistry North York: Why Everyone Loves It

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Do you have crooked teeth, stained teeth, or want to improve your smile? If so, esthetic dentistry in North York may be the answer to your dental problems. It is a branch of general dental practice that deals with improving the appearance of one’s teeth and mouth. 

The importance of a healthy smile

A smile can be contagious, and studies show that smiling makes you feel better. However, the emotional benefit is even more important than the physical benefits of a smile. When we are happy, our moods tend to lift with ours, and when we are sad or angry, they tend to lower down with us. So not only does a smile make you feel better but also those around you! 

The need for dental care

Dental care is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, so checkups and cleanings now and then are necessary. Our teeth play a vital role in our ability to eat, speak, and smile confidently. It is essential not to neglect dental care. As we age, we can be prone to gum disease and tooth loss. Here are the other reasons why you should observe proper dental care.

  • If you neglect oral care, you’ll develop gum disease, leading to a severe case when not treated.
  • There is a strong possibility of developing heart disease since bacteria can reach the blood circulating in the heart.
  • Untreated cavities and gum diseases may lead to other chronic diseases such as diabetes and stroke.
  • It weakens your immune system since oral health affects your overall health. 

What is esthetic dentistry?

Esthetic dentistry is the combination of art and science in improving your teeth. It helps in correcting teeth that are: crooked, missing, stained, or cracked. Many people think that this kind of dental practice is about achieving a perfect smile. The truth is, esthetic dentistry’s goal is to maintain the natural function of your teeth and mouth. 

Common procedures under esthetic dentistry

Although esthetic dentistry procedures such as replacing fillings seem simple, other types of esthetic procedures involve complicated procedures to provide a natural-looking tooth.

1. Dental crowns

Crowns help stop decay, and they work well for heavily damaged teeth. It helps restore the shape, function, and colour of the teeth. 

2. Cosmetic bonding

Bonding is an invasive procedure that improves dental imperfections such as missing, smoothening, and brightening the teeth. 

3. Veneers

Dental veneers are porcelain shells that are attached to the teeth. Its primary purpose is to correct gaps, discolouration and crooked teeth. 

4. Dental implants

Your dentist places a metal post in your jawbone to restore missing or damaged teeth, which acts as a tooth root. Dental implants are long known to work well for tooth restoration.

5. Dentures

Dentures work well to help restore chewing. A set of dentures is considered a strong and durable solution for missing teeth.

6. Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening treatments are an effective way to make the patient’s smile brighter.

Tips in Preparing for Esthetic Dental Consultation

If you have finally decided to improve your teeth and smile, here are a few tips you can do in preparation for your dental appointment

  1. It is important to follow an oral care routine to ensure that your teeth and gums are in good condition.
  2. List all the dental questions you have. Dental appointments are the perfect opportunity to discuss your questions with your dentist.
  3. Show a picture of your dream smile and be ready to listen to your dentist for recommendations.
  4. Know your payment options. Most cosmetic dental treatments are not covered by insurance. 
  5. Prepare yourself for a dental exam. Your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to ensure that they are ready for any dental treatment. 

Schedule an appointment

If you are ready to take your smile back, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your North York dentist. Contact them today to know if these procedures are suitable for you. It’s never too late to invest in yourself. 

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