Dentures In North York: Eating Tips You Should Know

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Dentures in North York are a great way to improve your smile and boost confidence. If you have just received dentures, congratulations! However, it is essential to remember that there is an adjustment period. Check out the tips below to ensure a smooth transition. 

Eating with dentures in North York

As a general rule, wearers of dentures should take it easy when eating food. You may consider following the tips below:

1. Stick on a liquid diet.

Liquid diets prevent your dentures from shifting around. Solid foods typically put pressure on your gums and dentures, which can cause them to move around and even become loose when you eat them. On the other hand, liquids don’t have the same effect. They are a more comfortable option while your dentures adjust to your mouth.  

2. Take extra caution when eating hot foods.

Wearing dentures can insulate your mouth. Because of this, it may be difficult for you to accurately determine the food’s temperature. When unsure of the temperature of a dish or liquid, it is best to test the heat against your lips so you won’t burn your mouth.

3. Ensure you chew on both sides of your mouth.

If possible, place the food at the back or in the corners of your mouth. Slowly chew the food on both sides. Chewing well will make your dentures stay in place longer and distribute the pressure while you chew.

4. Cut your food into small pieces.

Cutting your food into smaller pieces is easier for your dentures to bite than eating food in large chunks. Moreover, cutting your food into smaller pieces will help you eat slowly and enjoy your meal fully. 

What should you avoid?

Dentures commonly replace missing teeth even after an extraction, but they can also present some challenges regarding what foods you can and cannot eat. Whether you have partial or complete dentures, certain foods can damage them. Below is the list of foods to avoid when you have dentures:

  • Hard foods

The uneven pressure required to chew nuts, apples, carrots, and corn can cause your denture to become loose.

  • Sticky foods

Gummies can move your dentures out of place. Furthermore, they can also get underneath your dentures, thus irritating your gums. As much as possible, avoid them to avoid discomfort. 

  • Tough meats

Denture wearers should avoid steaks, ribs and pork chops because they require too much chewing. Putting too much pressure on tenderizing these foods can lead to sore spots. 

Get the perfect smile

If you need dentures, book a dental appointment with our team. Your dentist in North York will be more than happy to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to learn more!

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