Our team of dentists may recommend dentures as a restorative dental treatment for the following concerns you may have:

  • One tooth
  • Multiple teeth
  • All of the top or bottom teeth

We offer partial dentures and complete dentures, as our patients’ needs vary. We offer both options to suit your needs. 

How to know if you need dentures

The candidates who typically go for dentures are patients who refuse to undergo extensive procedures like installing bridges and crowns for missing teeth.

If you are thinking of exploring this treatment option, please contact our North York dental office so we can discuss the type of denture that will work best for your oral needs.

How dentures work

Partial or complete dentures may have different characteristics, but their functions remain the same. They are fitted to your mouth, over the gums and jawbone.

Dentures act as replacement teeth for the ones you are missing. We may suggest a special adhesive to help them stay in place even better, but we will usually leave that up to our patients to decide.

How to care for them

The proper maintenance of your dentures allows them to have a long life span. Our dentists at Leslie Smile Solutions will recommend you to brush your dentures daily. 

Brushing dentures with a special denture toothbrush and paste before soaking them overnight in a special solution can make them last long. Caring for your dentures is essential so they can improve your smile and bite for a long time.

How to live with dentures

Once you grow accustomed to your artificial teeth, you will likely find minimal changes in your day-to-day life. Your oral hygiene routine should remain similar to having real teeth. This includes regular brushing habits and booking visits to the dentist twice a year.

Avoiding foods that are too hard or sticky can reduce the chances of your dentures breaking. If your dentures sustain any damage, you should contact our dental office as soon as possible.

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