Curious About Dental Crowns In North York? Answers Here!

There are a number of different reasons why people may need a dental crown. Some patients need it to restore the function of their teeth, and some for esthetics. The crown is the final part of a dental restoration procedure. You may find reliable dental crowns in the North York area. 

What is a dental crown?

A tooth crown is a device that improves the tooth to make it better-looking and more comfortable.

The creation of the crown comes from the dental lab. It begins by taking an impression of the tooth and then following a series of processes to ensure precision and quality. Once the crown is made, they leave it to set.

The dentist then fits the crown onto the tooth. As they prepare the tooth for the procedure, they will also take another impression of it. They will use the result to fit the crown over the top or root of the tooth. Once it fits, the crown becomes permanent on the tooth.

What are crowns for?

Tooth caps can repair many different problems. The most common use is to repair broken or cracked teeth. The dentist fits the crown over the tooth and secures it using cement. After that, the patient achieves a brand new tooth and improves their smile.

Crowns are also helpful in protecting teeth. A crown may cap a broken tooth to prevent further damage and wear.

What does a dental crown involve?

The process involves several different steps: 

  1. The dentist will first need to take an impression of your tooth for the mould. The mould is for creating the crown.
  2. Once the crown is ready, the dentist will affix it onto the tooth and fit it using a drill and cement. 
  3. The dentist might have to turn around a few times to ensure that all the crown is secure.
  4. The dentist makes the crown fit tight on the patient’s tooth, after which they would permanently cement it onto the tooth. 


Does it hurt?

Dentist appointments can be a pain. From the long wait times to the uncomfortable seats, it’s no wonder that so many people avoid them.

The dental crown procedure uses the latest technology ensure your comfort. You’ll be in good hands from the moment you arrive until you leave.

How long does the process last?

Dental crowns are a necessary part of dental care, but traditionally they are time-consuming, especially during the fitting.

Dental clinics use modern technology to make the fitting process fast and easy. Before, it used to take days, but now, most practices can complete your crowns in less than a few hours. 

Are crowns expensive?

Dental crowns are a great way to protect your teeth and improve your oral health. Some patients might hesitate to get them because of their cost.

Get dental crowns without breaking the bank today! Dental practices honour dental insurances and offer flexible payment terms so you may still achieve the smile you deserve.

Will it damage my tooth?

They intend to repair or protect your teeth and not damage them. If you notice your tooth with its crown hurting and you suspect a decay inside, let your dentist know. 

Sometimes when you don’t follow proper oral hygiene after having dental appliances, you will still experience problems. That’s why you never become complacent regarding your hygiene routines. 

Will it look natural?

Tooth caps are made of quality materials with colours that may blend the rest of your teeth. The dentist will also make sure they apply precision right from creating the fake tooth to making it look natural.

Any tooth cap can be a success or a disaster. It all depends on the skill of your dentist. Make sure you choose a North York dentist who has the right experience applying dental crowns. So decide which practice you will trust your smile most of all.  

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