Want To Restore Your Smile? Consider Dental Bridges

teeth with dental bridges - North York dentists by Leslie Smile Solutions

There are several options when it comes to replacing missing teeth. One of which is dental bridges. Your dentist may recommend dental bridges when there is a gap between other healthy teeth. It typically comprises two or more crowns on each side to anchor the false tooth in between. Types of dental bridges There are […]

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How To Know If Your Tooth Needs Root Canal Therapy

root canal therapy - North York dentists by Leslie Smile Solutions

So you have a toothache, but you’re not exactly sure how serious it is. If it’s just a tiny crack, you only need a filling. If it’s much worse, you might need more advanced treatment, like root canal therapy. If they diagnose an infected pulp, your dentist might recommend root canal therapy, also known as […]

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5 Easy Tips For You To Succeed With Tooth Extraction

tooth extraction procedure - North York dentists by Leslie Smile Solutions

Have you ever felt nervous about an upcoming tooth extraction appointment? Sure, some dental procedures can cause anxiety, but you still have to have your tooth pulled. Aside from disease, your dentist performs tooth extraction when you need alignment. Overall, tooth extraction can fix your dental problems and improve your oral health in the long […]

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Cheat Guide On Dental Cleaning That Works For Anyone

dentist with patient - North York dentists by Leslie Smile Solutions

Your teeth play a crucial role in your overall health, so it’s vital to keep them clean and healthy. Studies show that poor oral health can lead to severe illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Because of this, brushing your teeth and flossing is not enough. For healthier teeth, get a regular appointment […]

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Family Dentistry Services And Treatments For Everyone

family dentistry - North York dentists by Leslie Smile Solutions

Family dentistry is not new; however, you might just have heard of it. To give you an idea, dentistry has plenty of branches that focus on specific dental issues.  While this is the case, family dentists can cater to multiple dental problems and do not specialize in one. Furthermore, family dentists do not only treat […]

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Teeth Whitening For Removal of Stains From Beverages

teeth whitening - North York Dentists by Leslie Smile Solutions

Teeth Whitening For Removal of Stains From Beverages Having tooth discoloration often makes you lose your confidence each time you smile. Do you know some of your favourite drinks may be leaving yellow or brown spots on teeth? Know the beverages that you need to avoid after a teeth whitening session with your dentist. What […]

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