First-Time Dental Cleaning In North York? Expect This!

Are you scared of dentists? Has the thought of having your teeth cleaned fill you with dread? We get it. Many people dread the idea of having their teeth cleaned. When you were young, you thought it was painful, possibly dangerous and that there was probably no alternative. Thankfully, we have evolved since then. Today, […]

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How Does Esthetic Dentistry In North York Work For You?

There is no question about it; everyone wants a smile that shows they have taken care of themselves. If you can relate to this, esthetic dentistry may be for you. In North York, you will discover a practice that offers you just what you’re looking for.  What is esthetic dentistry? The term esthetic dentistry focuses […]

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Do You Need To See A North York Emergency Dentist?

Are you in pain because of your teeth and looking for an emergency dental clinic near North York? We have put together this list of tips to help you find one. Dental emergencies First, you will have to consider what is deemed as a dental emergency. According to dentists, you need to seek immediate medical […]

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Dentures In North York: Eating Tips You Should Know

denture - North York Dentists by Leslie Smile Solutions

Dentures in North York are a great way to improve your smile and boost confidence. If you have just received dentures, congratulations! However, it is essential to remember that there is an adjustment period. Check out the tips below to ensure a smooth transition.  Eating with dentures in North York As a general rule, wearers […]

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The Things You Need To Know About Dentures North York

woman visiting the dentist - North York Dentists by Leslie Smile Solutions

We all know that there is no perfect replacement for natural teeth. However, we cannot control the unforeseen circumstances that can damage them. If you miss several teeth and don’t want to go through the hassle of getting dental implants, dentures in North York might be a good option.  Why consider dentures in North York? […]

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Aftercare Guide For Your Dental Bridges North York

dentist talking to woman - North York Dentists by Leslie Smile Solutions

Getting dental bridges in North York is an effective way to replace your tooth from tooth loss. Bridges consist of two or more crowns placed on the healthy teeth. With bridges, you can improve your smile eating habits and restore your confidence.  Taking care of your dental bridges North York If you have had dental bridges, it […]

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Teeth Whitening North York: Side Effects to Be Aware Of

teeth whitening - North York Dentists by Leslie Smile Solutions

Do you want a whiter smile? Many people whiten their teeth to improve their appearance. Teeth whitening in North York is a simple and affordable way to get a brighter smile quickly. Although there are advantages of teeth whitening, patients might experience side effects.  Common North York teeth whitening side effects After treatment, you may experience some […]

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