Is Brushing Okay Before Dental Cleaning In North York?

teeth brushing before dental cleaning

Some patients can be anxious for an appointment, especially for a dental cleaning in North York. You just want everything to go smoothly and avoid any complications. Might you intend to give your dental hygienist an easy job by cleaning your teeth and mouth thoroughly before the visit? But is this ideal?  There are various […]

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Reduce Your Anxiety Over Dental Cleaning In North York

woman in dentist's chair having dental cleaning

Dental cleaning in North York can sometimes make you worry, especially if it is your first time. You might think that dental plaque removal causes discomfort. However, this procedure is quick and simple and won’t cause any distress. There are various techniques to help you prepare before your appointment to help you ease up.  What […]

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Dental checkups in North York: 5 Things You Should Avoid

the importance of getting regular dental checkups,benefits of dental visits

If you have your first dental appointment after a long time, you can feel anxious during your dental checkup in North York. You should not ignore the importance of getting regular dental checkups, though. Visiting your dentist should be part of your oral hygiene routine. To make your next appointment comfortable and more manageable, here […]

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Esthetic Dentistry North York: Why Everyone Loves It

esthetic dentistry procedures,teeth whitening treatments,preparation for dental appointment

Do you have crooked teeth, stained teeth, or want to improve your smile? If so, esthetic dentistry in North York may be the answer to your dental problems. It is a branch of general dental practice that deals with improving the appearance of one’s teeth and mouth.  The importance of a healthy smile A smile […]

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Dental Emergency In North York: What You Should Do

emergency dental care,cracked tooth or chipped tooth,abscess,soft-tissue injuries,fillings,crowns

A dental emergency in North York can occur at any time. When it happens you should provide urgent attention to your teeth, gums and jaw. This guide will help you how to handle unavoidable situations while you wait for your dentist  What you should during dental emergencies 1. Cracked or chipped tooth Before your go […]

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Esthetic Dentistry North York: Factors To Consider

benefits of esthetic dentistry,cosmetic dental procedures,esthetic dentistry,porcelain veneers,cosmetic dentist

Is your smile less than perfect? Are you self-conscious when you smile? If so, you may be a good candidate for esthetic dentistry in North York. However, before you decide to undergo any type of cosmetic dentistry procedure, it is important to consider all of the factors involved. In this blog post, we will discuss […]

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Debunking Common Myths About Teeth Whitening North York

teeth whitening solution,teeth whitening kits,teeth whitening treatment,professional teeth whitening

More people are looking into teeth whitening to achieve a brighter smile. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about the process that can prevent people from getting the results they want. In this article, we will debunk some of the most common myths about teeth whitening in North York.  Common myths  Teeth whitening is […]

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Want To Restore Your Smile? Consider Dental Bridges

teeth with dental bridges - North York dentists by Leslie Smile Solutions

There are several options when it comes to replacing missing teeth. One of which is dental bridges. Your dentist may recommend dental bridges when there is a gap in between other healthy teeth. It typically comprises two or more crowns on each side to anchor the false tooth in between. Types of dental bridges There […]

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